About Payslink

Technology poised to disrupt the entire payment industry covering peer to peer payments and mass payments

It is like of a revolution in the peer-to-peer cryptocurency payment world


Goals of Payslink

The goals of Payslink is to bring the digital currency market/ecosystem to mainstream audiences

In the Payslink platform, allowing the user to buy digital currencies, spend digital currencies with a simple and seamless interface.

The Payslink’s mission is to remove the afore mentioned burden by integrating decentralized blockchain and self-executing smart contracts with business processes to introduce a new paradigm in international commerce. Specifically, Payslink offers the following:

  • Instant liquidity
  • Don't worry about fake or damaged money
  • Payment time T0
  • Record transactions to earn bonus points
  • Payment for all areas where purchase, sale and exchange arise

Simple solution for complex processes.

All-in-one solution for international contracting, financing, payments

Payslink combines the functions of lawyers, banks, escrow agents, and arbitral institutions

  • Apply blockchain to payment, with high transparency
  • Users with exchangeable transaction points
  • Diverse ecosystem, multinational payment
  • Payment for all areas where purchase, sale and exchange arise

Conversion of Cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa in real time

With the seamless integration between the wallet within Payslink, all digital currency conversion to fiat will be done in real time with a live exchange rate shown.


Comprehensive payment platform

Mobile Payment and Money Transfer Platform appropriately designed, of world-class quality, relevant for actual use and benefcial to the fnancial inclusion target market.

No expensive license fees

No on-premise set up

No set up fees

Lower operating costs

Add value to financial services

Enhance ability to reach new clients

More efcient financial service delivery

It’s affordable and accessible Mobile Payment and Money Transfer Platform

Ability to leverage on extensive Payslink coalition network


Comprehensive payment platform

Use our merchant payment tools to enhance the way you receive payments online


  • Send Payslink token to clients or perform a payment using any virtual currencies.
  • Use our multiple coins wallet powered by Payslink to send/receive, transact and trade multiple currencies at the time
  • Free Deposit and Withdrawls instantly using Payslink Payment platform
  • Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and 600+ currencies
  • Generate invoices for your clients & get paid in crypto.
  • Create payment links to receive an instant payments
  • Spend your funds anywhere on using available crypto currencies
  • Get started now to get secure merchant wallet account

Payment Card

  • Making it simple for customers to use at millions of businesses around the world.
  • All your Payslink prepaid card transactions are displayed in your account
  • Multi-asset
  • Assets stay in digital currency in Payslink Wallet
  • Best available foreign exchange and transacton fees
  • Decentralized and trusted storage

Increase digital assets with Payslink


Payslink blockchain

Payslink will be built on blockchain and will use blockchain built-in features such as smart contracts, private and public blockchain and Auth 2FA system to create a secure, trusted, transparent, automated and efficient platform.